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Align Business Solutions was started over a cup of coffee. On one side of the table was someone who had contacts and connections and the desire to work with people, learn what they wanted to do and work out a way to get it done. One the other side of the table was someone with a wide range of technical skills and an established history of starting companies from the ground up - this was the idea stage!

We know that moving an idea from the "sketch" phase to "operations" phase takes a lot of work, and one of the reason so many ideas never get off the ground is a gap in understanding the needs to make the concept work. We work very closely with clients to put them in a position to succeed - not only in getting their idea started, but in operating it on a daily basis.
We can help startups by providing them with a wide range of services that eases the stress and confusion of starting a business. For companies already launched and operating, we can help fill in the gaps in certain areas or help to course-correct operational inefficiencies. Either way, Align Business Solutions can support your endeavor.

If you are interested in getting started with us, please send us an email detailing your idea and how you thing we can help.

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Nothing gets built without an idea! We specialize in helping our clients work through their ideas and develop a plan to help make their ideas become a reality.



One of the most difficult parts of starting a business is the "starting." We can support almost all elements of your launch; from business planning to finance to HR to marketing.



Once you get things going, it is important to maintain. We offer a wide range of monthly services to help keep your launch going or fill in the gaps where needed.


The entrepreneurs behind Align.

Adam Arends

Operations Strategist

Accountant by education, entrepreneur by necessity. Adam solves problems for clients.

Nate Mollenhauer

Client Acquisitions

Progressive experience in client management. Nate will get clients what they needs

On The Lookout

New Players

We are starting from the ground up and will be looking for new team members as we grow.