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Startup Services

Free Initial Consultation

Your first conversation with Align is free. We do not charge to discuss our service potential

Business Plan Development

We will develop an investment-presentation-ready business plan. Pitch deck is extra

Detailed Business Modeling

We will create a custom, complex, 5-year set of financial statements detailing your business model

HR Planning & Estimating

We will help to create your HR road map. Planning and coordinating with our proven vendors and working to accurately forecast costs

Corporate Formations

We can help navigate the waters of corporate formation and required permits for you. We use quality resources to accomplish this for you

Compliance Calendar

We help yo stay on top of your corporate structure by helping you track federal, state and local corporate requirements.

Financial Services

System Setup

We will help you choose an accounting solution and help to get it up and running

Transactional Accounting (Tiered)

We can import, enter, code and validate accounting transactions on a monthly basis.

Payroll Processing

Gather time cards, enter salaries, and process payroll on your behalf, through our payroll partners. This service has a small fee from Align and processing fees from partners.

Financial Analytics (monthly)

Understanding the financial strength of your company or organization is more than just reading reports. We can do financial analytics monthly or quarterly to help understand real

Assurance Services & Reporting

If you want to handle the accounting yourself, we can provide assurances that you have handled the accounting accurately and within accounting guidelines.

Custom Reporting

Does your accounting system not have the reporting you need. We can use your system data to create a custom reporting platform

Marketing Services

Company Identity Package

We will help create the forward-facing identity from logo to social media elements. This is a professional service provided by a graphic designer. We try to make your idea a reality.

Website Development

Whether a simple corporate site (like this one) or an ecommerce platform or even a combination of the two, we can help get your information on the web.

SEO & Social

It is important to continue to get information out into the world. We can help develop content, work to optimize social media content and ensure all of these elements are working together to create a complete Internet profile


Project Management

If you have a big project coming up and need help to organize and manage resources and analyze results, we can provide the resources you need to be effective

Technology Implementation

Technology is almost escapable in business today. We can help map a technology services platform and implement the required technology: web servers, hosting, G Suite, Microsoft, etc.

Acquisitions & Franchising

Many times companies are started through an acquisition or a through franchising an existing companies platform. Either way, we can work with you to ensure your launch in situations are still smooth and successful

Process Improvement

If you have been operating for a while, or even just find yourself struggling to get your ducks in a row, we can help assess your systems and processes and find weak points or bottlenecks and help to put in place solutions to make the run more smoothly

like what you see, then it is time to reach out and see how we can help your build your business or help with what you have started.

professional services in the planning stages can make a difference in not only time, but in financial impacts as well

check out our pricing

we have services for all financial levels

we have created a fee structure that allows us to set fixed rates for many of our services. Outside of contracted services, we have a set hourly rate

Standard Rate

Our standard hourly rate

  • variable resource services
  • small-scale projects
  • due diligence
  • non-contractual service additions
  • other determined services

Special Service Rate

Management & Special Project Services

  • corporate management
  • large-scale projects
  • application development
  • specialty projects or requests
  • other determined services